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remuneración: $1700 MAS COMISIONES
tipo de empleo: opción del empleado

Remote Reps:

* $1,700 pesos weekly pay (for Mexico reps only)
- requirement for weekly pay 5 solid transfers in one week. If the 5 transfers are not met,

then the transfer 1-4 are paid $10 each
* $15 USD per solid transfer (after the first 5 of that week)
* $10 USD for every transfer that becomes a full package
submitted for an approval
* $50 USD for every deal that is funded

How to get started:
1. (A) learn the training info (script, basic product knowledge, and how
to pre-qualify and transfer a lead). (B) Listen to the audio samples of the transfer calls (C) Watch the training videos....And finally (D)
Test/Interview with recruiting rep
2. Computer verification (IT checks for your system to make sure it's suitable for programs that need to be installed to set
you up.)
3. Software/Programs installed so you can access our system for leads and phone system to start making calls.

How you get paid:

You will be paid on
Friday of every week. The funds will be deposited to an account you provide. (Bank account, PayPal etc..)

You will receive payment starting the second
week (2nd Friday) for what you produced your first week.
as long as you work anytime from 6 am to 4 pm you can choose your own schedule and have a minimum of 50 calls per day we will be happy to have you join us.
if you interested in the Work from home?its a$1,700 pesos weekly pay plus $15.00dlls per transfers made!send me an inbox with your full name ,phone number
and your email address so i can send you all the information and its ok even if you are not in tijuana.we will still be able to hire you
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