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South of the Border Dentistry

~ Credentialing Doctors to Accept U.S. Dental Insurance ~

Calling All Mexico Dental Professionals...

Are you ready for the summer slow season? Would it help your business if you could accept patients worldwide that have U.S. dental insurance? South of the Border Dentistry credentials (verifies and contracts) dentists in the U.S. and Mexico, so they can accept insurance payments from most American insurance companies, except Delta. We need dental professionals of all specialties, in all areas of Mexico. If you are ready to increase your business, then please read further and sign up today! South of the Border Dentistry doesn't require payment until you're credentialed and we are the only dental tourism company authorized to credential dental practitioners in Mexico.


South of the Border Dentistry (SOTBD) is taking the international dentistry community to the top tiers of success, by networking Mexico dentistry professionals with U.S dental insured patients from around the world. This requires each doctor be credentialed by simply completing an application and submitting documents verifying yourself and your business. When you are approved within a couple of days, each doctor and their office manager together, will take a quick 2 hour course over the phone in billing procedures and will then be qualified to accept patients' dental insurance. Once credentialed, you'll be able to check the patient's coverage for the procedure you recommend and/or the patient requests. If the patient is qualified, you will be paid directly for dental work you complete. Not only is this less stressful and easier for the doctor, but for your patients, too. AND usually, you will be paid at or above your normal charge.

South of the Border Dentistry will be marketing our credentialed doctors to patients, this year. Those doctors who get credentialed now, will be first in line to be listed in our referral network. Once credentialed and at each annual renewal time, SOTBD will issue each credentialed doctor a SOTBD Certificate of Credentialing and a small tasteful sign, to verify they are credentialed to accept U.S. dental insurance. We recommend you place this sign in your office front window to attract patients; much the same way you would display a MasterCard/Visa sign, to attract credit card customers. Having a professional website is also very important.

South of the Border Dentistry and American insurance companies require Mexico dental practitioners retain Mexico dental malpractice insurance, which puts doctors way ahead of their uninsured competition and gives patients peace of mind and protects your business, as well.

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